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Slot machine Lightning Dice – a simple and exciting game of dice, which has a special attraction among online casino users. Many gambling enthusiasts reach for the dice table with the expectation of big winnings. Evolution Gaming is bringing the live experience to your computer or smartphone.

The new dice game is controlled by a human dealer, but there are features that casino fans will likely be familiar with from modern slot machines. Lightning Dice is particularly interesting: you can randomly activate a multiplier in each round in the game.

Features of the slot machine

The dice game is simple and also suitable for beginners. The gameplay is clear, so there is no big barrier to entry. The new Lightning feature also creates an extraordinary amount of tension because each round can end with a high profit, without the player having to bet high. Features of the slot machine:

  • maximum winnings: x1000;
  • Minimum bet $, €, £: 0.2;
  • The maximum bet $, €, £: 2000;
  • technologies: JS, HTML5;
  • type – dice game.
Slot machine Lightning Dice
Slot machine Lightning Dice – a simple and exciting game of dice

But what makes Lightning Dice special is the multiplier that gives the game its name. When lightning strikes, the profits increase dramatically. Since lightning can strike in every round, each player always has a chance for a big win.

The multiplier does not always reach the maximum value of 1000. But every profit multiplier is fun. The process is simple: after the bets are placed, the random number generator determines if there is a multiplier and what level it can be.

The multiplier is always tied to a certain numerical value, which must appear in order for the multiplier to be activated for the player.
In the gaming machine Lightning Dice in online casinos Bollywood Casino gamblers are waiting for numerous bonuses that provide even larger payments and a familiar interface. The developers have managed to achieve even higher quality graphics and video broadcasts from the exclusive Evolition Gaming studios. Other benefits of the game include a charming dealer, the use of a special dice-stirring glass, professional lighting and lightning strikes prizes. Start gambling in real time at Evolution Gaming with any betting budget from €0.20 up to €500.

Lightning Dice
Lightning Dice on the virtual institution’s website

Play Lightning Dice for money at Bollywood Casino

Before you start playing Lightning Dice on the virtual institution’s website, we recommend that you study the gameplay carefully, as the game is unique and not like other gambling entertainment. It uses 3 numbered dice (from 1 to 6 on each face) of the same size. At the beginning of each round, all the cubes are placed in the machine, and after thoroughly mixing, again thrown on the table.

The payout line here is determined by the amount and is as follows:

  • 3 or 18 = 149-999 to 1;
  • 4 or 17 = 49-499 to 1;
  • 5 or 16 = 24-249 to 1, etc.

The dice are always rolled only once per round. However, a roll is counted only after three dice stop on one of the faces, forming the result of the round. A winning combination is a combination of three numbers that happen to be on the top faces of the thrown dice.

The number and duration of rounds in the game of Lightning Dice

The game of Lightning Dice attracts users of Bollywood Casino the opportunity to make lucrative bets on a variety of outcomes. Each round will have a single betting period of an average of 2 minutes. If the player does not have time to make their bet, then you will need to wait until the next round.

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