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In order to play successfully, it is necessary not only to be aware of the terms and conditions in the appropriate section of the casino, but also to follow them. This will be a guarantee, insuring against unpleasant surprises online.

Rules for customers gambling club

It is desirable to study the conditions of gambling on the platform, reading thoughtfully, not diagonally. The more so that there are points that are mandatory for all without exception:

  • only an adult gamer can make financial bets;
  • you may not use the content of the platform without the approval of the online organizers;
  • There is a strict taboo against any unauthorized actions, as they are tantamount to cheating;
  • The user must provide true information such as age, contacts and place of residence.
  • By clicking “I agree” the gamer confirms that he has understood the rules and that they are 100% accepted.

Access, Internet failures, finances and other things

The administration of the resource may make changes to the rules that are specified in the online statement. It is necessary to be in touch with the support specialists, then potential innovations will not affect the game plans. Also, the founders are not responsible for internet failures, provider actions, malfunction of the user’s IT equipment. However, if the gameplay is interrupted due to malfunctions on the part of the resource, compensation to the client is guaranteed.

All financial aspects – currency, deposit/withdrawal conditions, terms, interest, maximum (minimum) amounts for withdrawal – should be clarified before the first money wager. In any case, the user will certainly receive the bonuses due and the money earned on gambling, but provided that the game did not go against the established procedures on the portal.

A verified withdrawal policy is an indispensable characteristic of the official casino. For a full productive game, you need guarantees, so the administration of the platform does everything to make the players feel very safe and secure for the safety of gambling savings. For this very purpose, users’ contacts are requested, including copies of documents.

They are made by scanning them or using photo equipment and sent to the address specified in the “Contacts” section. Important note: a photo of a gamer holding his passport may be required for verification. Confidentiality is guaranteed. Withdrawals are made exclusively through the payment services cooperating with the remote casino. Playing Bollywood for money most in demand online wallets QIWI, WebMoney.

Important points regarding the withdrawal of funds from the casino

The following nuances will help you avoid virtual misunderstandings and withdrawal of funds earned on Bollywood machines without any problems:

  • the minimum available to a gamer for withdrawal is 300 rupees;
  • the maximum depends on the size of the deposit and can reach 200 thousand per month;
  • documents confirming the gamer’s identity must be provided not later than 2 weeks from the moment of the request;
  • financial transactions (for the benefit of users) may be suspended for detailed verification;
  • no commissions are charged by the platform; the interest is deducted by the payment systems through which the players cash out their gambling capital.

For a better understanding of the financial gambling theme, it is advisable to consider gambling not only as fun, but also treat it as a real source of income. With this approach, it will be pleasing both emotionally and financially. Bollywood Casino Mirror – always available 24 hours a day.