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Slot machine God’s Temple Deluxe is designed specifically for all fans of gambling, who enjoy immersing themselves in the world of Ancient Egypt. This slot machine model is fully immerses players in a mysterious atmosphere, which is created by cleverly executed and thoughtful design of the slot, as well as light musical accompaniment. The shining elements add to the mystery of the slot machine, so players tend to spin it immediately to see all its features!

God’s Temple Deluxe machine free play

This slot machine draws attention at first sight, as it has an unusual structure. Here there are 6 reels with a different set of cells. The longest reel has seven symbols, and the smallest reel has only two. On the left side at the bottom of the screen players can see a special window in which the results of game combinations are accumulated according to the results of spins. If you reach your goal, users get an additional 10 spins, which will be at the house’s expense.

"Gods temple deluxe"
Very famous game in online Casino “Gods temple deluxe”

There are 64 paylines in the slot, the collection of symbols on which is carried out in the direction from left to right. Pictures on the reels can make up several identical chains at once, in which case players will be able to sum up the winnings on them. In the opposite case, if different game combinations fall out, players will only be able to get a payout at the end of the highest paying and most expensive chain. The number of lines does not change, but players bet per round, not the number of lines.

God’s Temple Deluxe slot symbols

The pictures on the reels are representations of various Egyptian symbols as well as card denominations. Visitors must collect a minimum of three identical pictures in order to collect paying chains.

Special symbols

Special symbols include a Wild symbol that can substitute for all images on the reels, except for the scatter. The Wild symbol appears on all reels, increasing the probability of winning combinations.bThe Scatter symbol is the scatter symbol that appears on all reels except the first reel. Players must collect at least three of the same images to get free spins. The more scatter symbols collected, the higher the number of freespins.

Additional freespin round

Free spins are awarded to players when special images appear on the reels. Once the freespins have been triggered, a replay of the special symbols that trigger the free spins is excluded. Players will need to deposit additional funds to activate the free spins again.

"Gods temple deluxe"
“Gods temple deluxe” play and win!

Extra Free Spins

This type of freespin will only be awarded to players if a certain number of collected symbols have been triggered. That being said, the rules of the freespin draw are fully identical to the regular free spins. Slot machine God’s Temple Deluxe – this is a real adventure, which are not only interesting and exciting, but also very profitable, and for this there are many conditions!